GCSE - Slam that exam!

If there's one thing that we know how to do at Word Academy, it's how to pass a GCSE exam! Whether you need English tutoring to get to the top of the ladder or even just to get onto the ladder, we can help you out. 

Sessions are catered completely to you and your needs, so we can focus on skills for English Literature, or reading or writing for English Language. If you know that you need help with it all, then we will do just that over the course of a year or two years. 


Various times on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays
A-level - coaching with a smile

A-levels are HARD! Sometimes all you need is a little extra time to reflect, to be questioned and to perhaps have a little cry! Our 1-1 English tuition sessions are exactly that.


I will follow the curriculum you are already studying at school so that each week you feel ahead of your peers (or perhaps less behind!)  and give you that extra push that only comes with quality time with a professional English teacher and tutor. 

FULL for 2020-2021 except for daytime sessions on Tuesdays  

Grammar School entrance exams -Word Academy's Wannabe Grammarians

So you want to go to grammar school and think you have what it takes? No matter how well you are doing at school, you are going to need to spend a fair bit of time learning how to pass the exams. As a secondary English teacher, I can offer the specialism needed for the English part of the exam as many grammar schools use a (slightly) watered down version of a GCSE for their entrance exams. This includes North Halifax Grammar School for those in the locality. 

If you're thinking of grammar school then, let's be honest, you love learning; I hope that at Wannabe Grammarians, I can push you to write in the most sophisticated way,  read fluently and with understanding as well tackle all the nuts and bolts of grammar and spelling. 

New class available from October on Thursdays


Key Stage 2 and 3 - Top up your skills!

These are separate fun and vibrant tuition classes for Key Stage 2 and 3 pupils who need some extra help with their English skills or that enjoy English so much they are craving more! 

Classes will be catered to all of you in the room, your needs and, of course, the wishes of your parents too. It may be spelling and grammar that needs tackling, it may be that you need some tips and tricks for writing stories or it may be that you need to work out how to get your first publishing deal. In all instances, we'll do our best!

Various times on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

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