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From my tranquil garden classroom in Oxenhope, my aim is to create vibrant English tuition classes where students can feel confident to grow, take risks and, ultimately, to learn. In all instances, I am working towards a bespoke tuition service for the students in the class which will help them towards their goal, whether that is to get their required grade at GCSE, to get into grammar school or to improve their grammar and spelling. Your Word Academy tuition journey starts with a pre-learning consultation and at the end of each term you will be assessed and both parents and students given detailed feedback on progress and aims for future tuition.


Word Academy launched in autumn 2018 and offers fun, friendly tuition sessions for 8-18 year olds to help them improve their English skills. I offer small-group classes of up to 5 students for those sitting their GCSEs, those that need a little help at Key Stage 2 or 3 and year 5 students who are working towards their grammar school entrance exam. A-level English Literature 1-1 tuition is also available.



I have been teaching for 13 years: for over 10 years in mainstream education and then here at Word Academy since September 2018. My strengths lie in my friendly manner, my knowledge of the curriculum and enthusiasm for my subject. I have taught successfully both gifted and talented students and students with SEN. I have also tutored for several years. 

My journey started at the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne and McGill University, Canada, where I obtained a 2:1 in English Literature, a subject which is my absolute passion. I then worked in book publishing before training to teach in London at Roehampton University. Teaching is  a profession that I love as the students ensure that every day is different and has a different challenge. 

I moved to Oxenhope five years ago with my family and have opened up Word Academy from our garden house. I see it as a tranquil space that is perfect to inspire young people and to calm those students that need a more serene setting for learning whether they are here with me in person or online. By combining my teaching experience and style with our beautiful classroom setting, Word Academy has become a place students look forward to coming to. 


Online, I can offer the same great service and learning from the comfort of your own home and with less waiting around for parents - bonus! I have daytime face to face online sessions for A level students and home educated students and after school group sessions online too. 

I work on Zoom and Google Docs to create a really bespoke tuition experience. Again, I offer small group tuition after school for GCSE, 11 plus and Key Stage 3.  


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