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Word Academy Newsletter

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Welcome to my little newsletter. I thought I'd write this as a sum up of all of the bits and pieces that are going on at Word Academy and some of the things that are coming soon.

Goodbye year 11 and 13

I have genuinely loved teaching my year 11 and 13s this year. I've come across some dedicated, engaged, beautiful people that deserve to do really well. My year 11s may be at the age that are often accused of being lazy and unappreciative but these students have proved that to be nonsense. They have used the extra tuition paid for by their hard-working parents wisely and done them so proud! So thank you Joe, Charlotte, Bill, Ellie, Toby and Lee for coming along ready to learn. You deserve to do really well in the GCSEs. Also thank you to other year 11s that have turned up for one-off sessions during the Easter holidays to complete the Word Academy Bootcamp. That was LOOOONG! But you did it and you learned a lot! As for my year 13s, thank you for getting my literature juices flowing. I just can't cope without some proper literature debate and you two were a delight to teach! Thanks, I think, for making me read those Keats poems... Good luck for the summer year 11 and 13. I WANT TO KNOW YOUR RESULTS, PLEASE!

New half term

Half term 6 (HALF TERM 6!!) of Word Academy is underway. My primary groups are reading Beowulf, the oldest English text, which is miles older than Shakespeare or Chaucer. The other group is reading Holes by Louis Sachar in class and independently at home and is starting to use this as a palatable way to prepare for the grammar school tests in 2020! My secondary classes are mostly working on their creative writing skills this half term, so we will be reading and writing fiction from now until the summer holidays. I hope my year 8/9s enjoyed reading "Noughts and Crosses" by Malorie Blackman. Hopefully, they can go and read the rest of the 400 page plus book at home!

The Word Academy Workshop

It's in full swing as of 27th May! We are beavering away at daily tasks trying to, little by little, improve our English skills. I've been putting up daily tasks to get my Word Academy Workers slaving away! To be honest, my aim is to make the tasks manageable so that some really high achievers or, perhaps some home educated students who have more time, might be able to complete all of the tasks. However, I imagine that most of the Workers will be picking and choosing two or three tasks over the week and POSTING THEIR ANSWERS so that I can give a little feedback and so that we can learn from each other as well as from me! I want to get as many people on board for this because, above all, the more people that have joined up and are posting, the better a resource this can be. That is why I'm offering the first 50 sign-ups for £1 per week for the whole of 2019 and 2020. That's suberb value; I've been told that I am undervaluing myself for this one but for anyone that is willing to have faith in me, it's yours! Have a look at for more details!

Coming soon!

I'm so excited to announce my biggest venture yet! In September, I am launching an exciting and unique GCSE programme for ages 13+ studying the AQA exam. My aim is to create a flexible, friendly and personal tuition experience that is online and can be completed whenever you want it! I don't think anyone else is doing this, so I would appreciate your help in spreading the word for anyone who has teenagers nationwide. If you need some help with tuition but know that time and even money are short, I think this will help you. It's much more affordable than 1-1 or group tuition and can be completed in your own time. However, there are deadlines to keep you on track. I track every piece of work completed and keep parents informed of progress. For more details, go to I'm trying to decide on a name for my programme and would love your ideas. Email me with your ideas at If I use your idea, I'll send you a book voucher or a bottle of bubbly - your choice!

That's all folks!

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